How to Fertilize Fruit Trees

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Fruit trees need to be fertilized no later than six weeks before they bloom, but avoid over fertilizing them to prevent bug and fungal infestation. Discover why fertilizing fruit trees at the right time is key to their growth with advice from a gardening... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Jessica Smith, with Blands Nursery, in West Jordan, Utah, and today, we're talking all about trees and shrubs, but right now, we're going to discuss, how to fertilize fruit trees. Well, fruit trees need to be fertilized at the right time. They need a high phosphate level. That's your middle number on that fertilizer bag. That phosphate level is going to help build the root system, and give you abundance of flowers, which in turn, turns into your fruit. Now, with the fertilizing, you need to do it no later than six weeks before it blooms. Some orchard growers even throw it down mid winter or so, and just let Mother Nature water it in. Right around here in Utah, our cutoff date is actually early March. You don't want to fertilize after that. Over fertilizing on fruit trees, will actually push too much growth, which makes it susceptible to bugs, and fungal problems, which are very common, especially on apples and pears. Never fertilize a young fruit tree. Wait until it's been in the ground, for at least one season, before using a commercial type of a fertilizer. When planting, it's important that you use organic matter, and a mycorrhizae. That is a fungus root, that actually will help build the root system, and as your compost decomposes down in there, it will actually take those natural fertilizers that come from that, and actually utilize it properly. It's also going to help produce a healthier, more drought tolerant tree, and actually a cold hardy tree.