How to Become an FTD-Certified Florist

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Becoming an FTD-certified florist requires being an established flower shop, having a federal ID number, having a Web site and paying quarterly or monthly fees. Get connected with FTD for a wider customer base with plant information from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment we're going to talk about how to become an FTD certified florist. Now FTD is a service that's provided in the United States and all over the world where you can go on line and you can order flowers and there are set types of flowers where it's a single rose or a dozen roses or chrysanthemums or lilies. But there's pictures and it tells you exactly what types of flowers that you can buy and what you will receive and the price. And you can have them shipped all over the world. But to join FTD, there are really not a lot of rules. You have to have to have an established flower shop with a federal ID number and you have to have a website. Or you can even connect right in to their system as well and they will provide the website information and website for you. And you just pay either a monthly or a quarterly fee. And when people go on line and they want to deliver flowers in your neighborhood, whether it be in a small town in the United States or in a village in Ireland, then you can have them shipped directly from the local merchant right to the person you want to send the flowers to. There's fees involved so you have to apply, you can apply on line or by phone to FTD directly and you just pay the fee to start off or they'll take a percentage depending on the volume and your location, and you can join the FTD circuit of florists. Your business benefits, because you can use your FTD logo and you can put it on your own web page and if people order on your web page for other place then you get a percentage that way too. There's lots of ways that you can benefit by being an FTD certified florist. And not only does it make it easier because you know exactly what type of arrangement to make at what price, it's consistent and it's consistent income as well. And you can go on line or call them at their one eight hundred number and you can join today.