Succulent Plant Maintenance Introduction

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Get an introduction on the ease of maintaining a succulent plant with tips from an expert in this free gardening clip. View Video Transcript

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What I really like about succulents is that they are so easy as a house plant. You can take good care of them and they will thrive, like this one, I've grown in the green house and is beautiful or you can give it minimum maintenance and it's still gonna grow. One day I took a cutting off of a cactus and I left it on the window sill for a year before I rooted it and grew it on. So, these plants are so tough, they're meant for the desert and tough environment, so in your house they can take a wide range of treatment. If you say I can't grow a house plant, I guarantee you can grow one of these. These plants will take a wide range of places to live. You can keep them in an east window or west window, a south window. Pretty much any kind of life that you give them they'll be happy. Watering, you could water them once a week, once a month, they're still going to grow really nicely.