How to Properly Cut Tulips

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. Tulips make a great cut flower and we enjoy them at the grocery store but there?s no reason you can?t enjoy them out of your garden as well. So the trick is plant them in groups of twelve, twenty-four, thirty-six so if you cut some out of your garden you'll still have them outside but you have them inside as well and you can enjoy them in both places. And when you cut them make sure to cut them when they're really tight don't want them to be wide open. Cut them when they just got color on them and they're just about to bloom that way they'll last a lot longer in your house. Another trick I've found is if you're going to bed and its cold outside but not freezing hard and you're not going to be looking at your flowers for 8, 9, 10 hours anyway, throw them out on your patio. Put them on the back porch. That way they will perk right up and they'll get the moisture from outside and they'll last three times longer in the house. The same thing, if you're going off to work and you're not going to enjoy them in the house, throw them outside somewhere where it?s safe noone?s going to take them, if you have a backyard you have a shop a pumphouse anywhere where you can leave them. Don't put them in the direct sun, a shady spot would be best. Make sure it?s not freezing outside 'cause you're going to lose them 'cause they'll freeze but just by putting them outside they'll last like three, four days longer than if you left them in the house the whole time and you can enjoy them for much longer. Tulips make an excellent cut flower and a great garden flower. In the next segment we'll conclude on our subject of tulips.