Offsets in House Plants

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Alright, now I got my plant. I'm thinking maybe I want to make a plant for a friend of mine. I'm wondering if I can divide some of these off. I'm just looking for some of the ones on the edge. Can I wiggle some of them off without doing too much damage. Just get some roots with it. It's got a big taproot, and I think I'm just going to have to cut it. It came with some roots, so I think I'm satisfied. Let's see if I can get maybe a few more off. I'm looking for some of the smaller ones, but I don't think I'm going to get a small one. I think it might just be this one. Maybe I'll just cut this off. I'm going to get another root with some root hairs on it and maybe one more. This is kind of a big leaf. It broke off but I think it'll be okay. Again, it broke but we're going to try it. It's still got some root hairs, so I think it will go. We have another little clump that if we wanted to prop this up for a friend of ours. We're good to go. Now we have 2 plants.