Putting Greenery In Floral Foam For Flower Arrangements: Part 2

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How to put greenery in floral fam for flower arrangements; get expert tips and advice on floral design techniques in this free instructional video. View Video Transcript

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So from this point on I am just going to fill in and try and maintain the same general shape. You don’t really want your stems to go super deep into the foam, because at some point you are going to hinder your ability to put more flowers in, if you got all the stems crossing all the way through the foam. It will be kind of difficult to put your flowers in later. Probably an inch or so is a good measure of how far you want them to go in. Feel free to tear apart your greenery, take pieces off the bottom or off the top. Make it how you want it to be to fill your arrangement the appropriate way. And again just like with the vase arrangement, you want to clean off the bottom of it. For this reason, it is not because of the mold, but it is because you don’t want to punch a huge hole in the foam because you got a couple leaves stuck at the bottom. You want it to be just the stem that you are sticking in there. So you kind of just want to create a good cover around with your greenery. You don’t want to be showing off your floral foam in your arrangement. The greenery is kind of what allows you to hide it. So try and get a good filling, but don’t put too many stems in the foam before you start adding flowers, because the arrangement is about the flowers not really about the greenery. So before you get too carried away, get a good covering, but not totally full, and then start adding in your flowers. You can always add more greenery later. So here we are. This is where I am going to stop before I start adding my flowers. There is still a hole in the middle as you can see. I am going to leave that open because I like the main eye-catching piece to be a large flower, so if we need to add more greenery later we can. But as you can see here, we’ve kind of kept with that original style, that bringing the greenery out, trying to enhance the points of this receptacle or dish.