Putting Greenery In Floral Foam For Flower Arrangements: Part 1

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How to put greenery in floral foam for making flower arrangements; get expert tips and advice on floral design techniques in this free instructional video. View Video Transcript

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Hi my name is Amelia Tallman, and on behalf of Expert Village.com, I am here today to talk about arranging flowers and floral foam. We already have our receptacles ready and the floral foam is in the container. We are going to green it first. One of the really neat things about working with floral foam is you can achieve a lot of different shaped arrangements, because it holds your flowers and your greenery exactly where you put it. So if you can visualize things in three dimensions think about what you might like to create out of this arrangement. I think what I am going to do with this one is enhance the squares of this container so I am going to use the greenery to create the shape initially and bring the corners out. Floral foam is a little tricky to work with. You don’t want to be pushing greenery and/or flowers in and out of the floral foam over and over, because the hole will get bigger and bigger and sooner or later the greenery or flowers will just fall out. So that is something to think about. Just try and get a good visualization of where you want your flower to lie before you push it in. You can pull it out probably once and push it back in without creating too much havoc for yourself, but too many more times and it’s not going to want to go back so well. So here again I said I was going to try and work with the points of the square. Nice thing about this greenery is that it kind of cascades, and I’m using that to my advantage and bringing the arrangement down towards the table. So once I get these four pieces in, they are going to kind of be the base for how I am going to work throughout this arrangement; and you just want to keep on moving in from here. So I am basically going to use this and move upward. I am not going to create a really tall arrangement, because again, we are trying to create a low lying table arrangement that people can maybe have a dinner party and sit down and be able to see across the table at each others faces.