Types of Iris Plants

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Types of iris plants include rhizomes, which grow like a root, bulb irises and water irises, all of which prefer lots of sunshine. Discover the various types of iris flowers with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video series on garden and... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about the types of Iris plants. Now, Irises come in many different shapes and sizes. In fact, there's more than fifteen hundred varieties of families of Irises. So, there's so many different types of Irises, but they fall in different categories. There's Irises that are rhizomes. They grow like a root, and so Bearded Iris follow that theory. They have a thick root that grows just almost to the level of the ground, and then they have beautiful frilly flowers that are gorgeous and make gorgeous cut flowers. And then, there's types of Irises that grow from a bulb like the Dutch Iris that blooms in the spring, and the florists use it more often. They just have the three petals. The Dutch Iris just have a little tiny bulb like a Tulip bulb. So, the Dutch Iris come in a bulb just like a Tulip, and so you plant them any time of the year, mostly in the fall, and they'll bloom in April and May of every year. And so, they have a little bit larger bulb like a Tulip, but then the the short tiny Irises like the Iris Reticulata's, and those bloom in early spring, and they're just a tiny little bulb that's just like a tiny Tulip bulb. And then, all of the Bearded Iris, and the Dutch Iris, and the Short Iris Reticulata need full sun with good drainage. But then, there's all the Irises that can live in water like the Japanese Iris, and the Siberian Iris, and the Louisiana Irises. They have just a basic root, and you just plant them right into mucky water, or right into mud and they will grow and do beautiful, and they can do sun. They prefer sun, but they can do a little bit of shade, too. But, what Iris have in common is that they're related to all other plants. In fact, like Crocosmias, and Moraeas, and all... There's many other plants. Even the Tigridia is related to the Iris, and it's in the Iris family. So, when you're growing Iris just make sure it has a sunny location with good drainage if it's a Dutch Iris, or a Bearded Iris or a Short Iris, and it can sit right in a bog of water if it's from Louisiana, or if it's a Japanese or Siberian Iris.