Humidity Tips for House Plants

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Hi! My name is Austin Shepard here with Expert Village. Today I am going to be talking to you about humidity and plants. Now when you take home a new plant from the plant store, take a good look at the tag that was on the plant. Almost all plants will have a tag that will tell you the type of sunlight the plant needs and the amount of humidity the plant needs. Some plants need to be in a very humid places so if you live in a very cold dry area and you take home a very very tropical luscious plant that needs very very humid and warm weather, be prepared to give that plant a lot of attention. So think about that when you are buying a plant for your home. If you live in a very dry location, there is something you can do to add a little bit of humidity to the aid. Go to your local drugstore and get yourself a humidifier or if you can't afford to get a humidifier, all you have to do is take maybe a bowl, fill it with water and place it in the same room that the plant is in and you will notice over time that the water will go down, down and down into the bowl as it evaporates into the air. Now this is just sort of one method of putting water into the air because that is what humidify the air means. It means that you are putting water back into the air so a plant which needs high humidity will almost take in the water through the air into its leaves and that is how it survives.