What Are Fern Allies?

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Hello! My name is Reggie Whitehead. Today I am going to be speaking with you about growing tropical ferns courtesy of the Tropical Fern Exotic Plant Society and on behalf of expertvillage.com. Ah, another aspect of growing ferns is growing fern allies. These plants are close relatives to the fern family. We are not certain this is going to go there. We discovered this plant in Malasia in 2001, I believe and it is a fast growing like a podium and one of the fascinatng things about this plant is its rapid growing. This is a podium scrosis and this species is actually from Balli, I believe. The micropodiums are true fern allies considering where they are today and this one has fronds of about 8 feet long probably one of the largest in the micropodium group and it continues to grow.