Demo of a Hose End Lawn Sprayer

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We loaded our hose in self metering sprayer with the pesticide we're going to be using today which is water actually. But any way for demonstration purposes we're going to demonstrate how this thing will put the chemicals into the water and the different spray patterns associated with it. I got the deflector nozzle on there and I'm going to show how the camera can see the way that it spreads out the spray and makes a fan type application. It shoots it up in the air actually I think the camera ought to pick that up pretty well. But every time a gallon I don't know if the camera can see the level of liquid in my container but whenever I turn this thing on I got it at the highest setting. You should be able to see that thing see the level drop in the tank. You see we already dropped an ounce now if I was spraying the yard I can turn the deflector over and it shoots down and does a very effective job of spraying a lawn situation. Of course if I wanted to spray high I'll take the deflector completely off and it sprays a straight string. It definitely shoots out there now this thing is powered by the water pressure from your household system. So the more water pressure you have the more powerful the sprayer can be. It can spray a small tree or a pretty good size tree if you got enough water pressure. It's a self metering thing and we already gone down about three ounces just that little bit I've been spraying set on the number 10 pattern. Say if the camera can see that it ought to be able to watch it go down cause I've seen it go down an ounce already.