Adding Accent Flowers to Bowl Arrangements

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If you want to create a simple floral arrangement, adding one or two accent flowers really makes the arrangement pop. Learn tips for adding accent flowers in this free flower arrangement video from a professional florist. View Video Transcript

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Ok, you could take some pretty accent flowers such as roses to you know, make your arrangement a little more elaborate. You know, once again always pull off whatever foliage is going to be in the vase, cut the stem and tuck them in between your other flowers. And, just adding a few roses will make it; you know much nicer looking and bring it to life. You could pick different flowers such as tulips or alstroemeria, you know, other garden variety flowers, just to give it a nice springy look. And, again just dot them along the surface like that; you don't want to tuck them too low. You want to leave them up, show them off because the roses will open up, you know as they drink the water. So, just tuck them in like that and then just; you could put maybe five or six, and then just fill them like that. And, then they look beautiful! Maybe we'll get one more and put that in there. There we go and there's a beautiful accent flower for your simple arrangement.