How to Grow Tomatoes Indoors

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To grow tomatoes indoors, provide plenty of sunshine through a window, do not allow them to get below 50 degrees, and provide a trellis or tomato cage for the vine to grow on. Help tomatoes thrive indoors with information from a sustainable gardener in... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to grow tomatoes inside. Now tomato plants are pretty easy to grow and they like full hot sun and good drainage but if you have artificial light or a real sunny window or an atrium in your house you can get them to grow really well in the house as well and the deal with tomato plants is they don't want to go below 50 degrees and they don't want to be too hot either so growing them in the house is always a good idea because they're going to grow really well but you want to grow them close to their natural time so you want to start them indoors usually in the late Spring when it is over 50 degrees at night outside. Because even if you grow them inside in the Winter generally there is not enough hours of light. But you can always cheat that too by putting artificial light on them and then they'll grow pretty well. Now they make kind of a viney plant so they need something to grow on to. So when you are growing them indoors make sure you have a large enough pot and either a tomato cage or a tee pee type string with sticks so that the vine can grow on to something and you want to prune your tomatoes every month or so so that they grow even stronger. So every third branch you want to trim out and when they produce the blooms you want to trim out about one third of the blooms and that way the remaining blooms will produce even larger tomatoes and so let them grow, water them but never let them sit in water. Let them dry out in between. Make sure you have good composted organic potting soil type mix for soil so that they have lots of nutrition as well and again never let them sit in water, let them drain out and you will find they will grow and they will bloom and then by Summer time they will produce luscious beautiful tomatoes that you can grow indoors and pick them right off the stem and when you are picking them don't just pull them off the stem, actually hold the stem and then pull and then that way or you can twist them too and that way you won't damage the main plant and they'll continue to produce tomatoes through the Fall. In the house a lot of times because you are not having the freezing temperatures you can get tomatoes way into the Fall even until Christmas time in the house. So you can enjoy your tomatoes indoors just as well as outdoors.