Fruit Tree Maintenance: Part 2

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I like to maintain my trees by, one of the maintenance things I do on my trees at least once a year is I remove all the grass from the base of my fruit trees. This is a loquat tree- in fact there are four loquat trees here- and what I do is I use this pitchfork and kind of break it up and then I remove that grass and just kind of pull it out. Because I do this regularly, it’s very easy to get the grass out of there. And so I bring it back. And what this does, not only is this an aesthetic thing for a residential area, but the grass takes water away from the tree, so this allows the tree to have more of the water. And, the mulch, after I remove the grass, I put a layer of mulch on, which you can see here. It’s fairly deep- it’s about five inches deep. And this keeps that area moist so that it keeps the bugs out and keeps the area moist for the tree.