How to Schedule Yard Work

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When scheduling yard work, aerate the lawn and compost flower beds in the spring, trim shrubs, and keep mowing the lawn in the fall, prune back bushes and trees in the winter, and then do new planting in the spring again. Keep the lawn and garden looking... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to schedule yard work? Well, obviously there's different tasks that you will do that are done at different times of the year. You start in the spring. You want to aerate your lawn. You need to compost your beds. You need to mulch your beds and start mowin'. Then, you need to fertilize the lawn and continue mowing. As you get into the fall, fall is a time where you want to trim all your shrubs, continue mowing, plant shrubs, start plantin' trees. Then, as you get into winter, winter is a great time to trim your trees, prune things back, dig stuff up, move things around, get rid of stuff, clean things out. If you're building new beds that's the time to do the dirt work and get it ready. It's also a great time to top dress your lawn. Then, you come back into spring, and you know, you've got planting to do. You've got shrubs to trim then as well, and so forth. Look at what's goin' on and what's happening at that time of the year to decide design and decide what you're doin' when. And a lot of it's going to be determined by what the weather's doin'. If it's cooler and the roots are more active that's an ideal planting time. If it's cooler and you're not getting a lot of the sun it's a good time to top dress the lawn and get that in there so you won't suffocate the grass. You have a chance to work it into the soil by the time you come to spring. In the spring you will aerate the lawn and you're ready to go. So, I hope that this is somewhat clear, but it's going to be based on what needs to be done and when is the better time to do it. You obviously don't want to aerate a lawn in the winter. You don't want to do some other things in the winter, but there are things you can do. And the key thing to this is that any kind of gardening is actually a twelve month program. There is no time off.