Where to Put House Plants

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Hi! I'm Austin Shepard here with Expert Village. Today I will be talking to you about where to place your plants in your home or office. So let's say you go to the store and buy this nice small plant and you work in a small cubical. A plant like this will probably do just fine as long as the plant is getting a good amount of light to grow. Your taking care of it, it doesn't really matter where you put it. Now take a plant like this. This is a plant that is right now small but has the potential to grow incredible large. As it grows larger, you are going to need a larger pot for it and eventually you will probably need to have this be a ground plant. So this is a plant that you could have at maybe a doorway entrance or maybe in the corner of a room to give that room just a little bit extra ambiance and just add a little bit more color to a very dreary square room. So you have plants that you can put on your desk that really won't grow too much, you have plants that you can eventually put on your floor because they are going to grow so huge and you can also get a plant that is just going to grow straight up and out but remain to have a small base. So a plant like this you can really just put anywhere. So in my home, I like to move this plant around and put it in different rooms and change it up every day because why not, you are supposed to enjoy plants. That is one of the reasons why you have them.