Facts on Flowers

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Flowers, which appear in some form on most plant species, are the sexual organs of a plant, as the center of the bud is the female aspect and the pollen is the male aspect. Get interesting facts about flowers with advice from a sustainable gardener in... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment we're going to talk all about facts about flowers. Now flowers are such a delight to have in the garden and to have in your home as a cut flower but there's a lot of different facts that we can go over. And basically a flower is the sexual organ of a plant. A flower is what reproduces that plant and gets it to live for further generations. So flowers basically are the genetic identity of a plant. And when they bloom they will put off stamens and pistols. So the female part of the flower is the middle, the very middle is where the female is. And then the pollen is actually the male part of a flower. And so to pollinate, some of the pollen has to get to the top of the pistol and then that will make a seed. And it's not that different from having an egg and a semen. It's the same principle. And once they have gotten together then they make an egg or they make a seed which will generate a flower for the next year. And then that will generate a plant for the next year. And it's really as simple as that. There's many different flowers in the world. Every plant pretty much has a flower or a seed pod that grows so that it can reproduce. And they can grow in warm climates and cold climates. The only three factors that plants need to grow and flowers need to bloom; they need sun or part light, they need moisture and they need heat. And without any one of those three things, the flowers will not grow. And if they have those three things they will grow anywhere on the planet. And they'll even grow inside the house or on a spaceship. Flowers will grow pretty much anywhere that people can live. And we are so dependent on flowers, because without flowers we would not have food and we would not be able to survive.