Learn Why You Should Cut off Garlic Flowers

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Cutting off garlic flowers can encourage growth and prevent deaths. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Thought the stiffneck garlic, hardneck garlic has a flower on top. This one is dried obviously. When it is growing this would be in late June early July, you want to clip these off. This one didn't get clipped, but it still grew up pretty nice. And that would put more of the energy of the plant into the forming a nice size bulb unless into the flower. Leave a few because they are kind of unique, they make a nice dried flower arrangement, if you do leave some. These are some I cut on a later side after they were formed. Some of them also they do have, you can plant these and you will get the clove in one year. You plant the clove and you will get a bulb. So in two years this will make a bulb. Or you can get spring greens, planting these in the spring, if you have some. Or you can eat them. So you could imagine this being big and green, that is what the garlic would look like.