How to Grow Tropical Plants

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To grow tropical plants, recreate the climate of the tropics by providing a consistently warm temperature, placing the plant by a sunny window, allowing the plant to dry out between watering and cutting out any dead leaves. Avoid burning tropical plants... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to grow tropical plants. Now a tropical plant by definition is any plant that comes from the tropics and the tropics are generally any area near the equator where they don't have seasons, they don't have Winters, they don't have a change in the season and it's hot all the time. So tropical plants cannot handle any type of freezing so it is really easy to grow them as house plants if you live in a colder climate or you can grow them outside if you live in a warmer climate year round and so there is just a few rules. You never want to take a tropical plant that has been inside the house and put it out in the hot sun outside. It will get shocked and sun burned so you want to gradually put it into the shade and then a little more sun and a little more sun and then you put it out into the full hot sun if you put it outside or you just treat it as a house plant. With tropical plants you never want it to sit in water because they will rot and they need to dry out in between watering them so water them well but always make sure to put them on a plate or somewhere where they are not sitting in water because that is the number one way that you kill them and make sure that you get enough light if they are in the house because they need either artificial light or even a sunny window but not too hot of a sunny window because if it's just beating hot sun it will actually sun burn them inside the house through the window as well. So make sure and never let them freeze because that will kill them right away because they are from a climate where it never freezes as long as you keep them above 60 degrees generally they'll be the healthiest and it's easy too. A lot of tropical plants the bottom leaves will die as the larger leaves grow so periodically just cut out any of the dead leaves and then you'll find lush new leaves will keep growing. So if they're green leave them be, if they're brown cut the dead leaves out and tropical plants are very easy to grow as house plants or outdoor plants as long as you give them the same conditions that they are used to in nature which is a tropical condition.