How to Perfectly Place Your House Plants

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Hi, John here with Paradise Palm in Salt Lake City, Utah on behalf of Just want to quickly go over a couple of things. When you buy a plant from a house, house plant store or a grocery store or anywhere in between and you're choosing to put it into a decorative planter, more often than not, you do not need to, do not need to re-pot the plant right away but it's important that you stage it correctly in the decorative pot that which you've chosen. Right here we have a nice copper pot. That copper style zinc container. First and foremost is that I've got a saucer inside of here. It's a deep vinyl saucer with high sides and I don't know if we can see that appropriately in there. But if you have a nice deep saucer in there it'll prevent the container from ever leaking out, ruining a wood floor or anything else like that. If you've chosen a plant which, that which to put in there. You want to put that into the plant the container into that saucer correctly, as this one does not want to go in too perfectly but fit it in there, might seem like a tight fit and on top of that you do not want to see the grower pot inside of the decorative pot. And you want to make sure you use something such as moss to hide that grower pot. Ideally you can go to a store that will provide that for you or buy it from the store so which you can do this for yourself at home and once you've got your materials, your deep vinyl saucer decorative pot is to cover that grower pot in the decorative pot. And make sure that you don't see that grower pot in there and the moss is nice and flat, neat, and clean. And that will prevent moisture loss in excess. It'll dry out evenly over a weeks period of time and it looks appropriate and finished and professional the way a plant should.