Tips for Planting Gardenias

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Hello! We have finally planted our gardenias and what we are going to do now is go over every step we need in planting gardenias. Of course, we need more gardenias. Buy them at the momma and papa places, the flea market, etc. Don't forget that it is very very important that you check the Ph levels. Don't forget to get your Ph levels tested as well. You don't want to kill the gardenias. Another thing that you need to do is to remember we've got to plant in the area that is needed; partial sun, full sun. Another thing that you need to be aware is we've got to dig the holes, we've got to prepare our own potting soil as well, and don't forget about that. We also have the mulch to maintain the moisture that it needs for the plant. Also, don't forget to add the continuous acid levels by adding some coffee grains and then of course with your plant, water it throughout the year, prune it, enjoy your plants and you will have a great garden with your gardenias. This is everything that we need to know in planting gardenias.