How to Grow Wheatgrass

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Wheatgrass can be grown and fed to animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs and cats, as a source of vitamins. Grow wheatgrass by never letting it sit in standing water with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening tips. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow wheat grass, which is really a trend today. So you can buy wheat grass in a lot of organic stores, or even a lot of pet stores, because now the big trend is you buy the containers with the seeds. You add water to the seeds, and they grow wheat grass. And you can feed it to your animals, whether it's rabbits or guinea pigs or hamsters or dogs or cats, and it's a great source for all types of vitamins. But you only want to give 'em a little bit at a time, too, because you don't want to give small animals too much. So a lot of people will put their wheat grass right into a fruit crusher or a fruit juicer, and they'll take the juice from the wheat grass and put it into a drink, and drink it in the morning. And it's full of so many nutrients and antioxidants. It's very healthy for you, and it's a great trend. There's some tips on growing it, too. So you can buy them already growing, and then once it's growing, too, you trim it back. Water it about twice a week, but never let it sit in standing water. I always dump the water back out. So water it, but dump the water out so it's not in sitting water. Kind of let it dry out in between watering, but not let it dry out all the way. And then just water it twice a week, and it'll keep growing. Another trick is throw it in your refrigerator when you're not using it in between, and it'll last a lot longer. And it'll grow slowly in the refrigerator, but a lot of times, if it's growing already it'll last longer. Whereas if you're starting it by seed you can do it any time of the year. You just put some, just like grass seed, just have some good composted soil. Put some wheat grass seed in that soil. Just barely cover it up, just barely. And then just add water and put it in a sunny window, as sunny as possible. And it'll grow. And within ten days to two weeks you should have some wheat grass growing already. And it'll grow in it's life, and just keep trimming it down. And you can let it go to seed, as well, as collect the seeds and then grow 'em again. But most people just keep trimming it back and use it in their juicer or give it to their animals, because it's very nutritious and it's very easy to grow. You can grow it as a houseplant, or you can put it outside in your garden as a garden plant. And either way it's a really interesting addition to your garden.