Watering Salvia Plants

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Watering Salvia Plants - Provided by eHow
Salvia plants do not prefer hard water. Learn how to use rain water on Salvia plants in this free gardening video about the Salvia plant. View Video Transcript

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Okay now we need to water. Let me do that carefully so we don't. So the watering is not just for giving water to the plant, it will take out all the air holes that are still in the ground. And of course you wear your gloves to do that. And in this watering can is rain water. The plants prefer that. Here in Texas the regular water or the regular well water is most of the time real hard and the plants don't care too much for the very hard water. But if you don't have any rain water you can use that, too. So they are not very particular. But I learned that rain water is the best for them since the ground is already very alkaline.