How to Create Yard Privacy With Plants

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Creating yard privacy with plants is a great way to avoid building fences, and bamboo, camellias, arborvitaes and lilacs make wonderful, dense privacy plants. Create a wall of foliage to gain privacy in a yard with plant tips from a sustainable gardener... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to create yard privacy with plants. Now, plants make a terrific wall and they are so much more beautiful than a 6-foot-tall wooden fence that gives you absolutely full privacy but it seems so much like a jail cell. So by just adding a row of Arborvitaes or a row of Camellias or any type of trees in between your property and the next property, you can create a beautiful wall with very little effort. And there's so many different types of plants that do really well. So Camellias and Arborvitaes and lilacs, and eucalyptus and even bamboo make great barriers. But you want to be careful with some of them, especially bamboo because they can just take over and they can become a monster in time. So when you are creating that yard privacy, think for the future because the plants will get really large over the years and they do need to be trimmed. And here we've kind of just let all the plants go wild but we live in the country and I like the wild look and it gives us complete privacy from the farm next door. And we don't even really hear them or we really have no conflicts in any way. It's really a nice way to have a boundary between your property and the other property next door. And I think it's so much better than a fence. And whether you trim them up and they are completely trimmed or you just leave them wild, plants make a great privacy hedge and there's many different options. And do your research and find out what works the best in your climate and just look around the neighborhood and you'll find some great ideas.