How to Plant and Grow Snapdragons: Gardening Tips & Techniques

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am a professional gardener. Today I am here to represent I am going to introduce you to snapdragons. As you can see, the abundance of colors are there. Traditional of white, a little bit of yellow, perhaps orange for the Fall and a little bit of red over here. The selection is definitely out there for you. I personally like to mix them up and be more creative and enjoy them. They are known for cut flowers. Basically you are going to be able to enjoy them because they range from sizes from 6 inches up all the way to 36 inches. Even though they enjoy the summer, they are going to do well in cool temperatures and even freezing conditions. Today I am going to guide you step by step where to purchase them, how to select the plants, how to maintain it, how to do your proper planting for them and just enjoy them, so this is how I introduce you to snapdragons.