What is Post-Emergent Selective Herbicide?

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Find out if post-emergent selective herbicides are right for your garden; learn about using herbicides in this free video on pesticide application. View Video Transcript

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In this segment we're going to talk about different kinds of herbicide that are available for you lawn for weed control. This product is a post emerge, that means that the weeds will be up, selective broad leaf herbicide. That selective broad leaf herbicide means that it is going to kill the broad leaf weeds and leave your grass alone. This product is made to go over the top of your green lawn when the broad leaf weeds, like chick weed and dandy lion are very small. It also has a hose end applicator. You hook a garden hose to these it meters the right amount of herbicide from the container and mixes it with the water and applies it as a spray to the yard so it takes some of the calculations and the handling of the pesticides away from the application personnel. Now there is also herbicides that have to be mixed. This is a post emerge broad leaf weed killer that will kill a lot of the same weeds and some other grassy weeds that that one doesn't. But this one has to mix; you'll be mixing the prescribed amount of ounces of this product in each gallon of water in a pump sprayer or some kind of other metering application device in order to control weeds in a vigorously growing lawn.