How to Grow Asclepias

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Another great plant to have is the asclepias the butterfly weed and again it s a brilliant color the orange here does attract the butterflies. I'm not sure is that why it is called that cause other plants do but it has a nice bright color as you could see now it is starting to fade a little bit. This plant probably came out in the beginning of June with all of these great orange stems. I have actually cut these and put them in many flower arrangements cause they are beautiful to look at. So it is starting to fade now but the good thing about this one is that it does reseed and the base of all the plants you would find little babies and what I often would do is whenever I see them I will scoop them up and I put them in other section of the garden cause they really do look nice. I have heard from other people that they find this to be a very difficult plant to grow. I'm sure that it has to do with the soil, I don't do much to it is just one of those plants that they say they more you neglect it the better off you are. And maybe that is why it is happy here because I certainly do neglect it and it seems to do just fine.