How to Stain Wood Using Cloth

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Learn tips and techniques for how to refinish old wood furniture, including using a soft cloth for applying new wood stain, in this free how-to video. View Video Transcript

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Like I said you can just take a really soft cloth and what I want to mention really quick here is sometimes when you put stain on and you let it dry ti could get kind of sticky that actually means that you actually put to much stain on to begin with. So what you want to make sure is like this for example there is a little to much stain on here you want to make sure that you rub it off so you can see some of the fine details. The finer details that are coming in here now and you couldn't see them before. Cause you could always put more stain on but if the stain is actually sticky as it is starting to dry that means that there is to much on there. So it actually don't take a whole lot of stain to bring out color in this wood it was very light wood when we started and now you could see some of the beautiful grain in this area here. That would look really nice outside in a garden, maybe around by a patio.