How to Grow Bretisia

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You always need those plants that come out in the spring time to tell you finally winter is over and spring is about to be here and one of those plants is this one right the bretisia. Again since it is a spring flowering plant you won't see any flowers on it now you would see the very interesting seeds pods but in the spring it is definitely a beauty this whole bush is filled with brilliant blue flowers. They sort of come in different strands, again a great flower to look at, a great one to put in flower vases and the one thing about this is it stays pretty all year long even though there is no flowers on it at this moment. Any thing around it might look nicer like the white flocks that are starting to bloom right now over here. So this white flock with the smoky gray blue leaf actually look quiet nice together so this is one of those bushes that to have in the back ground looks nice in your garden all year long. It is one of my more favorite plants to look forward to in the spring. So put it in your garden and I think you would enjoy it also.