Potting & Fertilizing for Growing Mexican Honeysuckle

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How to use some tips for potting and fertilizing when growing Mexican honeysuckle plants; get professional tips and advice from an expert on growing your own plants and herbs in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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We're going to pot some of these Mexican honeysuckles right now that we got them separated. We're also going to get a little bit fertilizer with them but the individual plants this is fairly a large crown. But it's not going to be separated it's all one group of roots with a common stem and I'm going to put a little dirt around. This I have recycled premium potting soil in the bottom of this one which can stand a little bit of moisture but we're going to be watering this every day for the next (2-3 times a day) for the next day or so till we get it soaked up. Then we'll go to our regular watering regimen but I got it pat down around the plant and the plant is firmly embedded in the dirt.