How to Keep Plants Moist when Transplanting

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Okay. We want to, once we've uprooted the perennial like we've done here and we've made these little sectional cuts. Maybe you can't get all your work done in the same day. So one technique that I like to do is just taking some average burlap and soaking it thoroughly and moistening the entire wrap, you want to minimize and work as quickly as you can to minimize the exposure to sunlight for the root system. You don't want it to be exposed to the air. You don't want the roots to dry out and you really need to keep them evenly moist as most as you can. So, I'm actually kind of just wetting them a little bit here. I'm going to take this other root bulb that I've got and I'm going to lay that in here. I'm going to take my burlap and I'm just going to try to cover these up and get them out of the sunlight as best as I can until I'm ready to use them. They're nice and moist and wet and they wont dry out.