How to Plant Clover

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To plant clover, pick an area away from lawns and gardens, provide full, hot sun, and plant the clover seeds in the spring. Attract bees with clover using advice from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow clover. Now clover is just a plant that grows similar to grass and you just start it from seed and it has little heart shaped leaves around it and we've all know the story of a four-leaf clover. You find a four-leaf clover then you're sure to find riches and all the good luck in the world is going to happen to you. But when you're growing clover, there's some rules that you want to follow. A lot of people have clover growing in their grass and they're not thrilled about it and so you always want to have clover growing in an area that is not near your main garden or your lawn because it will get into the lawn. And clover is wonderful because it attracts bees and most of the best honeys in the worlds are based from clover and that the bees are attracted to the clover and clover honey is made from the honey that the bees extract from the clover. So when you're growing it, it needs full, hot sun just like grass would and good drainage. And you can just start it from seed in the spring and make sure and give it lots of room to multiply because they will set off roots that will start new clover. And again you want to keep it separated from your lawn if you want to keep your lawn not have clover in it or you don't want it in your flowerbeds either. But if you have a meadow or an area that's really nice and you want to keep it that natural look and attract bees because you want to pollinate the apple tress in your neighborhood, then clover is your best bet. Plant it in the spring, let it grow all summer long, it'll die back in the fall and come back for you every year. It's just a wonderful plant for the environment.