Size of Tip Cutting from House Plant

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Learn the correct size for a tip cutting when growing houseplants from tip cuttings in this free home gardening video from our plant propagation expert. View Video Transcript

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Okay, so what I did, I just walked around through the plants and I just took, I just cut tips off of things so we could propagate some of these. Here again, this is a vinca, before we looked at that yucky vinca. But this is nice and green and would make a nice cutting. It should root very well. It's a lot thicker. It's a lot greener. We did the coleus before. And this is a good size for a cutting. I might take some of these bigger leaves off so that it's about four sets of nicely, I mean, two sets of leaves. This is an English ivy. You can tell it was cut before; there's a cut point right there. And so, maybe I might just cut it a little above that and take a leaf off. That's a good size. You know, they just need to be a couple of inches. Some people ask me "how many nodes? How many nodes need to be below the ground?" And it doesn't really matter. Just a couple of inches, you know. Here's another one, lantana. If you are worried that these leaves are too big, because some leaves are big, you can cut some of it off. You don't have to. But if you think that it's going to wilt too much, it will be fine. And see, this one's starting to go into flower and we could pluck these flowers off. So that's one type of lantana. And I have another one which is a different color. This is a yellow. And it's not flowering, so, oh, it does have a bud. So we'll take that off. And then we have plitrampus. Same thing, like the colias, I'll probably take some of these off. And I'll take these off. So, and it will surprise you. So we are going to stick this in the soil and then it could root from the base of the plant or it could root from the leaves. So, having a certain number of nodes below the ground you really have to know exactly the plant and where it's going to root and I really don't think it matters. Here's some bridal veil that we cut before. This one's a little too long and it's kind of wispy. So I might stick more than one together to get them to root. But this stuff roots pretty easily. So, this one's in flower, so I know this plant, and I know that it roots fairly easy, but if I saw all these flowers on a plant I didn't know, I'd probably avoid this shoot and I'd go for something else. So this, I might just throw away and pick up another one.