Pruning Hanging Basket Plants

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Pruning hanging basket plants will result in healthier and fuller hanging plants. Learn how to prune hanging basket plants in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Here you have a 10 inch hanging basket which this basket here will get to be very large. You can take it here like I consider a hair cut. This is shaping this basket so that it comes out and it begins to get fuller all the way around. You can take a geranium which is in a 6 inch pot, use a 10 inch hanging basket to put this in. You can do the geranium the same way. Here you see a bud, alright we are going to break this bud out. It makes the geranium get bushier and the one reason for breaking the flowers out is it drains the geranium bush itself. However, this is a bigger planter. The more you keep it clipped back the bigger the geranium gets. This geranium here is in a 10 inch hanging basket and it will get as large as this one. We are going to break this out and it keeps from all of this getting drained. Again these can be put into your 10 inch hanging baskets.