How to Care for & Clean House Plants

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Hi, I'm John with Paradise on behalf of Expert Just wanted to touch base real quick on how you might choose to clean a plant that which you have in your home or office. One thing you can do is get yourself a terry cloth towel or just a general towel or rag. You'll want to make sure ideally it's slightly wet to the touch. A lot of times, we will use in our plant care services baby wipes, unscented no aloe. Basically in general it's just a wet cloth at some capacity. Plants do gather dust like anything else in the house or office. It is a good idea to clean them regularly for good health. Pest cleaning or anything else like that. Again just due to proximity, I'm going to choose a Bird of Paradise. You could basically, take a wet rag in both hands and go from the top to the bottom and wipe not only the top of the leaf going with the grain of the leaf, but also the bottom of the leaf. And when you do that you can pretty much prevent any bug issues with the plant. But also get a nice shiny appearance with the leaf. Get all the general dust off that plant. Again, using a terry cloth towel sometimes people use athlete socks, clean turned inside out on your hand. And wipe them down accordingly. But it's a good idea at least once a month to trim and clean your plants. It looks good. Keeps them happy, healthy, shiny. But it also will keep them from being overridden with pest or anything like that. Granted you might have not made the greatest plant choice or you do have bugs on your plants or anything like that.