How to Grow Bells of Ireland

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Bells of Ireland are a lime green flower that blooms in the summer and can live in colder climates. Grow Bells of Ireland by seed and plant them two-inches deep with tips from an experienced gardener in this free video on planting flowers and gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda from and in this segment we're going to learn about the Bells-of-Ireland. They're a beautiful flower that lives in beautiful hot sun and they're really not from Ireland at all. So Bells-of-Ireland are from Turkey and the Caicos Mountains in the Middle East, and they we're found back in the 14, 15, 1600's and brought back to Europe. And everyone loved them because they're a great cut flower and they're that beautiful lime-green color that looks beautiful in arrangements. And they bloom every summer faithfully and can live in colder climates as well. And they are annual. So you grow them by seed and you plant them about one or two inches deep, and you can just kind of throw the seeds out in late fall or early spring. And in warmer climates they'll grow too but they need a cooling period so all you have to do is put those seeds in a refrigerator for a few weeks and then turn around and plant them, and they should come right up. And you can collect the seeds every fall. So they're very very easy to grow. And as I said they're a great cut flower. The blooms will last one to two to even three weeks. So remember when you plant them to find a location that's pretty sunny, so at least a half a day of sun to full hot sun. And water them really well when they're growing because they don't want to stay too dry but yet don't keep them too moist either. And make sure you have good drained soil, so raised beds are great or even if you have poor soil all you need to do is throw a couple inches of compost over the ground and throw some seeds in there, and they'll grow for years and years. So the Bells-of-Ireland, they look like they should be from Ireland but they're not and they're a joy to have in your garden.