How to Pick Aconitum Bulbs

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Hi I am Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. Acanida also known as Wolf's Vein has been around since the midieval times. It is a highly poisonous plant which means that deer will not mess with it and mice, rabbits. The bloom is a dark blue almost purple flower. They love moist conditions where they can just sit in water where they can have room to grow. They do best in shade or part shade but not deep shade. Although I have put them in the sun and watered them pretty well and they have done well there too, just when it gets over 100 degrees they get burned. They are easy plants to grow. They are one of the few plants that is a bulb that I grow that is from Northern England originally. It grows in wetland areas and in the moors so all through other parts of mainland Europe and back in the medieval times and even after that even back into the eighteenth century when there were wolves eating everyone's sheep and goats, they would put out a bunch of monk's hood in with some meat and set it out and it would poison them. It has a long sordid history. The bulbs themselves you have to be careful yourself because if you rub the bulbs and get your hands near your eyes you can have an allergic reaction and your eye will actually hurt. So you kind of have to be careful when you handle them. I have had some friends to have the problem but I do not. They are easy to grow. They usually have a little growth start that looks like a little lettuce coming up and they are just a little root so I just plant it sideways or up and down and I still cover it about three or four inches because it is going to get tall and you don't want it to fall over. Groups of three or five in an area and they will bloom more every year that they are there. You will just get a few blooms the first year but by the third or fourth year you will have a huge club. If you have a wet section where nothing else will grow, put in a little Monk's Hood and they will just love it there. That is a little bit about Acanida and the next plant we will talk about is Galtonia or summer hyacinth.