How to Remove Air Filter From Lawn Mower

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Learn how to remove air filter to prepare your lawn mower for winter in this free lawn maintenance video from a yard work expert. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Jon on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip, we will be removing the air filter. On this particular lawnmower, our air filter is located right here. Typically if you follow that fuel hose down, that will go into our carburetor and air filter should be connected to our carburetor so that is kind of how you can find that air filter. On this particular air filter, we have this little arrow and it says twist to remove. So we are going to go ahead and twist our air filter in the direction of that arrow. Once we twist that, we can go ahead and pull it straight off just by wiggling it a little bit. From here we now need to remove the air filter from the housing so you can hold onto it and pull straight up and the air filter should come right out.