How to Lay Sod Next to Sprinkler Head

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Learn how to lay sod next to a sprinkler head in this free landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Fernando and we are here with Expert Village going over the laying sod and also laying it with the sprinkler system. As you can see the flag to the right is showing where the actual sprinkler head is and you can see just sticking up on the ground where part of it is actually covered by the dirt and part is cover the actual grass. So as you lay down your sod you keep track of where your actual sprinkler head is going to be if you don't your going to cover it up and you wasted all the work of trench digging and the installation of the pvc piping. Now as you butt up the side you want to make sure that it butts up nice and tight and get it as close as possible and pat it down, create the environment. Now once I have located the head I want to go ahead and cut out the sod with a knife to open up that area so the head could pop out. You don't need a huge whole but just enough for the full head to come out and you want it below the surface so when you cut your line your not actually cutting the sprinkler head. So that is why it is very important when we lay the top soil and we did the initial digging that we where able to determine the depth knowing that our sod is usually a half inch to you know 3/4 to one inch thick depending where your are getting your sod from. Now we are go ahead and cover up the actual power line that comes from our valve going to the from the actual valve to sprinkler timer. It is important here that you do treat it the same way you don't want that popping up and possibly getting cut in the future so we are going to go ahead and cover it up with sod.