Find Local Shops for Growing Orchids

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Find local shops that can provide help, support and supplies for orchid growers. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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One of the things that you should do is if you really get into the orchid growing business, is not only belong to a club, but look, seek out an orchid growing or availability through one of the garden shops. Often you'll find a garden shop in a particular area that emphasizes a good diversity of plants. Not only there's a normal green stuff of ferns and so forth, but will also have such interesting variations of different orchids throughout the growing season. Some of the ones that you see in the background here, some of the local garden shops may have. Because I know for example, these are some that I provide to our local garden shop. At different times of the year, because these sometimes are very seasonal, you will find them available. Moth orchids will be usually found throughout the growing year.