Organic Composting Tips

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Compost can help the plants in your organic garden thrive. Learn how to make and use organic compost in your garden, with tips on what type of yard and kitchen scraps to put into your compost pile, in this free gardening video lesson. View Video Transcript

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This is my compost heap. I have two containers. One container is where I put the grass trimmings, the compost from the kitchen, the fruit scraps. But no meat, no protein-only vegetable matter and egg shells.

And then in the other side is the soil that is ready to go- it’s totally composted, ready to use in the garden. And if you notice, the compost has holes throughout so that it can breathe. What it needs is to breathe and it needs water and time. And so all of this will become this much compost at a later time. And basically what it is is grass clippings and vegetable matter, manure, and straw. That’s it.