Collecting Seeds from Pink Banana Squash

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Saving seeds from pink banana squash starts with finding the best, most mature plant to save good genes. Learn about growing squash heirloom seeds from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Pink Banana. It's an heirloom made famous in the south. Although, now the pink banana has become adapted to the north as well. And, this is a little one. Ok. And, low and behold there are the seeds. Why don't you pass me that bowl there and we'll scoop them up. No, the other bowl. There we go. And, you can see the mature seeds are the ones that have some girth to them. You can just separate the seeds from the guts there. You can hand separate, begin to hand separate. Basically, we want the seeds separated. Once I've got them hand cleaned, we can put them in a colander and rinse them in the sink until they're clean. And, then like the tomato and like the bean we're going to lay these on a water paper or in a airy place. Not direct sun, but nice and dry until they become fully dry and we can see a fully dry seed. If you're unsure how dry they need to be we can do a little test. The test for seed to see if it's dry enough, that is for the squash seed is to bend it. If it bends, it's not dry enough. If it snaps, then it's ready to be stored.