How to Trim House Plants

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Trimming, pruning and cutting leaves and stems off your house plant is discussed in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi, John Mueller again with Paradise Palm. on behalf of Just want to continue our discussion with general plant care information. Right now, I wanted to mention, how do you go ahead and trim a plant. There's many different ways, many different plants, but I'm just going to give you general information we use in our plant care services and it works quite well. First and foremost, have a plant that needs to be trimmed or determine that it does need to be trimmed. When you do that, you want to choose a nice sharp clean scissors. A Fiskars or a scissors similar to that. You want to make sure, first and foremost, that it is very sharp to the feel and it is very clean, and you keep it clean and sharp on a continuous regular basis. Usually, I'll choose to tell people to use a scissors just for your plants, not for trimming your holiday wrapping paper and your plants, but to keep one sharp and clean just for your plants. Once you've got that, they can range from $2. up to $20. Keep it around for just that thing. You want to identify a plant you might need to trim, such as this Bird of Paradise here. You want to utilize your nice clean, sharp scissors, and mimic the leaf shape if at all possible. So, I've got a torn leaf from people walking by it. You want to just simply shear, as well as cut, at the same time. When you do that, it can mimic the leaf shape, and if it is a sharp and clean scissors, it will not look as if its ever been trimmed before and it will keep it from browning again. If you can do that, sharp clean scissors, trim it into the same leaf shape. If you're really lazy, you can sometimes just trim it very at hawk, as if it's just come out, like a v-shape. You can trim it flat, personally I like to mimic the leaf shape so the plant looks like it's never been trimmed before.