Secondary Transplanting When Growing Greens: Part 2

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Transplanting seedlings aerates the roots and stimulates growth before moving them to outdoor soil. Learn to use hoop houses for transplanting greens from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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So now, while the spring hoophouse is warming up, the soil is warming up. These plants can use the time to great advantage to grow bigger. We'll put these aside, for a moment, and I can demonstrate these celery's, obviously, are a lot tinnier. A lot tinnier than those Swiss Chards but you can see, they too, have used up their root zone, there's nothing left for them there, so this is the same procedure, only in miniature. Seems like a lot of work but have you tasted home grown celery? Got to love these little seeds and baby plants. Again, I work against the edge, as long as the leaves are peeping out the top and root is in contact with moist soil, those transplants are going to survive and thrive. You get the picture.