What is a Succulent Plant?

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OK, first we should start by defining succulents. Succulents refer to a wide family and genre of plants with a common characteristics of having stems, roots, and/or leaves consisting of fleshy, water storing tissue. You can see how nice and fat all of these leaves are. Most of them are native to warm climates so this is a way to hold on to moisture when you most need it, If you are in the desert. All cactus are succulents but not all succulents are cactus. The cactus differ in that they have no leaves and the stem contains chlorophyll and functions in place of the leaves. Some of the spines, they are considered to be modified leaves. We can tell the types of succulents we have here vary a lot. We have this nice big blue one, they come in a range of colors and shapes, this one is fuzzy, the cactus. Again, we have this red one, we have this one that looks like prickly pear, this one that has very small thorns on it, this one has even bigger thorns. All different shapes and sizes of plants that we have.