How to Grow Apple Seeds

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Apple trees grow from apple seeds, but usually only one out of three seeds will germinate, so it's best to carry extra seeds. Transplant apple seeds into a container in late winter or early spring with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I want to talk about how to grow apple seeds. Now, apple trees grow from apple seeds, and it's really easy to grow an apple tree from an apple seed, and all you need are apple seeds. The best thing that you can do is just find your favorite type of apple and make sure it's ripe at that ripe perfect point, and then cut it open to get the seeds. So, these corers are great too because it gets right to the seed, and once you have the seeds just take them out. Just take them out of the apple, and remember that you'll be lucky to get maybe one out of three seeds to even germinate so make sure that you have many, many extra seeds that you really intend to use. So, once you have your seeds out of your apple, the best thing you can do is just dry them and leave them dry and give them a little bit of a rest. Some people say that you can start them immediately, but I've found it's best to try to recreate nature. The apples fall out of the tree in the fall. They sit all winter long and then they germinate in the spring. So, what you can do is just leave them dry or throw them in the refrigerator for one or two months. I've found giving a little bit of a break works really well. And then as far as January or February is the time when you want to add water to your seed, and sometimes it takes up to a month to germinate. So, be patient with them and not every one will germinate. So, just leave them in the refrigerator and keep the towel moist and then keep checking on it and within a month if you have little starts which one and three should start then you can turn around and transplant it like February or March and even into April into a container or even into a seed container and then that way it will start growing and you can keep control of it and keep it wet but never let it sit in water. That way you can grow your own apple tree from your favorite apples.