How to Adjust Soil Depth for Perennials

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Preparing your hole size in the depth of the hole is very, very important. I can't stress it enough. If you have your plant and you set it in the hole, you need to kind of get down. You want it to be at ground level. Clearly, this plant is sitting down in the hole way too deeply. If you go and you plant it too deep, you risk choking the plant. Suffocating the roots in the other words. In order to get it to the right height, you kind of have to eyeball it. I've made this hole a little bit deeper, which I wanted it to be, but we need to add soil mix to it so that it's at the right level. I'm going to take a little of my mix. I'm going to lift my plant out that I've had soaking, I'm going to put a little mix in at the bottom of my hole along with some of gypsum to line to hole to help with the draining of the clay soil. Now, I'm going to set the plant back in and I'm going to try to move it around and see if it looks like it's at the right level. That's a lot better than where it was. You can always add a little bit more to make sure. I'm going to put a little bit more, because if anything you want to plant it a little high rather than too deeply. That looks pretty good.