How to Harvest Aster Seeds

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How to Harvest Aster Seeds - Provided by eHow
The aster plant is in the same family as the daisy, and it is a perennial. Learn how to harvest your own aster seeds in this free online gardening video full of harvesting tips from a professional organic gardener. View Video Transcript

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Today we’re going to harvest this aster seed. I planted a package daisies, and I got a whole row of daisies and one aster plant. The asters are in the same family as the daisy, but it should not have been in the daisy package. And now this plant has been growing for three years, and it’s made all these babies around it.

It is a perennial. So to harvest the seed, what I do is I cut off the stalk with the seeds on it after the seeds are fully dry. I put it in a clean container - this one has a few other seeds. So I’m going to make sure that it’s clean and there are no seeds in there. And I’ll put it in there to dry. And ever couple of days I’ll turn it and make sure it’s drying evenly- especially if the bowl was full. And then when the stems and leaves are totally dry, the seed will be totally dry, and I’ll take the seed out and store it.