Protecting Your Plants from Insects

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Protecting your hanging baskets from insects can be easily done by spraying soapy water on your plants. Learn how to keep insects off your hanging baskets in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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The last few steps of having a beautiful hanging basket, each morning make for sure that you check your hanging basket for water. Check your basket for any mites that might be on your hanging basket. Again, go back to your clear bottle, where you have mixed your dishwashing liquid and your water. You spray your basket. It will not hurt your plant at all. If you notice anything such as spider mites, you can get at any hardware store insect killers to go on your plants. You can also trim your basket. When your basket get to being out of shape, just trim your basket back. Show your basket love, as you show your family love, and your basket will love you back.