How to Grow Corn

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When growing corn, provide at least 3 feet between each plant, sow three seeds for each planting site, and harvest the ears of corn when the kernels are no longer watery. Grow corn in late winter for a summer harvest with advice from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk all about how to grow corn. Now corn is one of my favorite vegetables and some people say it's not even a vegetable, it's a starch, belongs with the bread, but it's a great, great vegetable for your garden and so easy to grow. Now you need a lot of room when you grow corn, that's the one important factor because you need at least three feet in between the plants because they get tall and they get wide. And when you're planting vegetables, plant them as soon as the last frost. So if you live in a cold climate, soon as the last frost is over, you plant them by seed and always plant three seeds to every one plant because not always do they come up and that way you can thin them out as well. And that way you can have really full lush corn. If you live in a warm climate then start them in the wintertime and then they'll come up and then they'll grow and then produce corn for you by summertime. But corn is really easy to grow and make sure that you give them the room that they need and full hot sun. They like good composted, good drainage, good potting soil, any type of organic material to grow in and they never want to sit in water. And you can stagger your plantings too, so if you plant every two weeks in a certain area and just put a little bit of corn out at a time, then you can stagger your crops as well. Now the corn will grow really big and tall and then they'll produce nice corn ears. You know your corn is ready when if you take one kernel off one of the ends and instead of being real watery it's actually thick and almost milky but not runny in any way. And at that point you know that your corn is ready and as long as you chop them from the stalks, then they will actually sometimes even produce more ears which is always nice too. As long as you put them in full sun and give them room to grow, your corn will grow real well. And if you have deer or other critters, it's good to put fencing around them too so that they're protected. But they're a great addition to your vegetable garden.